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UAB NOSTRADA is a company engaged in international cargo transportation.

The ultimate principle of UAB NOSTRADA is timely and safe cargo delivery.

Aiming to ensure safe transportation of customers’ cargo, UAB NOSTRADA has implemented the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) of Transported Asset Protection Association.

Whereby UAB NOSTRADA undertakes to:

· ensure safe and timely cargo transportation by employing management system and physical security measures;

· inspect the security technologies used;

· assess the risks, policies and security procedures of cargo transportation;

· choose partners responsibly and to cooperate only with those whose services meet our security requirements; and

· organize and carry out practical employee training at regular intervals as required by the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR).

The compliance with Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) of UAB NOSTRADA is verified by conducting internal and independent external audits. UAB NOSTRADA uses these results and will continue to use them effectively in making relevant decisions on the security of cargo transportation.