About us

About us

Nostrada Ltd. founded in 1998 is a holding company of the group that operates in an international road transport market under the brand name of RV Transport.

Company started primary tranport activities back in 1991 as a sole propietary business and during 25 years of operation has built recognized reputation by the respected stakeholders.

The group concentrates activities in the field of cross-country road transportation and supportive services for partners, through a network of locations in the Baltic states, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

To ensure the closest to excellent service experience for partners and customers RV Transport team follows the 3 core principles:

  • Nimble attitude and approach to the needs our customers and partners
  • Strong performance achieved by control and continuous improvement
  • Timely and accurate communication

In addition to international road transportation, company group has developed a diversified range of services to customers and partners: fuel supply services, fleet maintenance services, cargo pallet production and sales, wood and biofuel supply, windmill and solar panel farms.

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